by · January 13, 2012

The Interview

Can we use your first name in the interview?
Sure why not, but you have to sing the Looking Glass song to me.

LOL!, Then what’s your real name?
Brandy :)

What’s your Reddit user name?

Do you use Twitter? What’s your username?
I don’t. Never saw the point of twitter.

Can we publish your twitter username in the Interview?
If I had one.

Where are you originally from?
The Great Mitten (Michigan) Right along the lakeshore.

Where are you located now?
Still in the Mitten, will probably live here forever lol.

When did you start using Reddit?
About 8 months ago when my room mate and then boyfriend introduced me to it, and it was the rage comics that got me hooked.

If you could sex up any video game character who would it be?
Lara Croft lol Nathan Drake too, mmmmhm at the same time would be awesome.

What’s your astrological sign?
Libra, the sign of lovers…and crazy people lol.

Do you watch Anime?
I had a friend that would force me to.  I watch anime porn when I need a good laugh. Their bodies are always so out of this world.

What do you do?
I work for a cable company and I am a gogo dancer for a club and electronic music events. I am going to be going back to school for Medical Admin.  But my room mate is trying to talk me into being a porn star with her….lol.

What do you think of online dating sites?
I think if they work for you, more power to ya.  I personally tried it, and only heard from men old enough to be my grandpa.

If you use online dating sites, which ones do you use?
I used for a little while to find a pretty lady.

Are you single?
I am, techincally.

Are you an ent?

Do you smoke cigarettes?
Smoking is bad for you, and makes you smell funny….soooo no.

What’s your typical day like?
Work, dance, and spending time with my porn star room mates…yup thats right I said porn stars.  I have been on a health kick lately (Thank you New Years) so working out, and cooking healthy has been put into my day.

Besides Reddit, what else do you do on the Internet?
Im a girl so the very obvious shopping, and facebook.  Seeing whats new in the porn world (got to get new ideas for moves to pull in the bedroom).

What do you like in a guy?
Sense of humor is probably the biggest thing I look for. I love a man that can make me laugh. Open to try new things, and help me experince things I havent experinced before. Having a drive and want to be happy. Of course he has to turn me on. I love nerds, someone I can hold an intelligent convo with.

What don’t you like in a guy?
A guy that is too full of himself. Confidence is one thing, being a self centered asshole is another.

Biggest Fantasy/Dream?
I have had alot of my sexual fantasies filled lately, so i would have to say travel the world is still a big dream. There are so many places I want to go.

What are your Top 3 Bands?

  1. Swedish House Mafia
  2. Kaskade
  3. Dada Life

What are your Top 3 Movies?

  1. Memento
  2. Requiem for a dream
  3. Kill Bill (1 and 2)

What are your Top 3 Video Games?

  1. Call of Duty
  2. Left 4 Dead
  3. Oblivion

What worries you the most about the world today?
How cruel people are to each other, just be happy!

The Pictures


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